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WordPress Plugins

1. 常用插件

1.1. Akismet

全球拥有数以百万计用户的 Akismet 是最方便快捷的博客垃圾评论 / trackback 屏蔽解决方案。它全天候保护您的站点(包括您睡觉的时候)。要开始使用 Akismet:

  1. 点击左侧的“启用”链接;
  2. 注册一个 Akismet API 密钥(key);
  3. 前往“Akismet 配置”页面,输入并保存您的 API 密钥。

1.2. jQuery Archive List Widget


Using Version: 1.4.2

1.3. Clean Options

finds orphaned options and allows for their removal from the wp_options table

Using Version: 1.3.2

1.4. Pagebar2

Adds an advanced page navigation to Wordpress.

Using Version:2.60.1

YARPP displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry, introducing your readers to other relevant content on your site.

root@localhost:/var/www/ wget

1.6. Remove Google Fonts References

Remove Open Sans and other google fonts references from all pages

root@localhost:/var/www/ wget

2. 辅助显示

2.1. WP-CodeBox

源代码显示插件。 WP-CodeBox provides clean syntax highlighting and AJAX advanced features for embedding source code within pages or posts.

Wrap code blocks with <pre lang="LANGUAGE" line="1" file="download.txt" colla="+"> </pre>. The LANG is supported by wide range of popular languages syntax. The FILE will create code downloading attribute. line="n"is the starting line number, colla="+/-" will expand/collapse the codebox.

root@localhost:/var/www/ wget

2.2. WP-Git-Embed

Embed GitHub, Gist or Bitbucket files.

<pre lang="" line="1">

Using Version:0.2

2.3. Open Social for China


Using Version: 1.1.4

3. 导入导出

4. 搜索引擎优化

4.1. Google Analytics by Yoast

Remove Open Sans and other google fonts references from all pages

root@localhost:/var/www/ wget

5. 图片库优化

6. 安全

6.1. Exploit Scanner Search the files and database of your WordPress install for signs that may indicate that it has fallen victim to malicious hackers.


6.2. Wordfence Security The Wordfence WordPress security plugin provides free enterprise-class WordPress security, protecting your website from hacks and malware.


6.3. All In One WP Security & Firewall


7. All in on script

cd /var/www/
##Google Analytics by Yoast
unzip *.zip

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